Aarke Archive

The Aarke Archive gives our fully functional, high-quality products a chance to be used and enjoyed, regardless of their history or minor imperfections.

Available in limited quantities, while stock lasts.

What is Archive?

We believe that minor beauty or packaging imperfections are not a reason for fully functional and well-engineered products to go to waste. In the Aarke Archive our appliances are given a second chance. We offer mindful consumers an opportunity to enjoy quality products that will last for years to come – at a reduced price.

Products are archived for different reasons: some may feature minor visual flaws like scratches or discolouration, while others may be returns with damaged packaging, and some are older versions or colours no longer part of our current range.

All Archive products are sanitised, tested for full functionality, and hygiene related parts like bottles are replaced with new ones.

Archive FAQs

Archive FAQs

Engaging the local community

All products in our Archive undergo quality control for full functionality. Our team does this in collaboration with a Swedish public enterprise dedicated to providing meaningful job opportunities for individuals with disabilities that affect their work capacity.

By focusing on the unique skills and experiences each person brings, the initiative adds value both for the individual and society. With this partnership, we hope to do our part in breaking the barriers of exclusion on the job market.